Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back in Alaska

In late November I returned to my cabin near Fairbanks. I've recently updated my CDT journal.

Quite a few people have asked me if I plan to produce a DVD about my Continental Divide Trail hike last summer, similar to my Alaska Traverse video, but I didn't take any video on my hike other than some short clips with my still camera. I do have a number of my best still photos on my website however.

It sure is good to be back home and settled in after seven months on the road.

Have a good day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

How did you get into smoke jumping?

I am a 20 yr old male looking to do smoke jumping to increase my chances to get into the fire dept.

Please if you have any information or advice let me know

Buck said...

I fought fire for several years for the State of Minnesota, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. I talked to smokejumpers, worked hard, got good recommendations and put in an application.

The first step in smokejumping is definitely getting wildland firefighting experience.

Good luck!


Judy said...

I just heard you on Catholic Radio this morning and I was wondering if you are a Catholic and if so, what part hs your Faith played in all the adventures you have been on? Do you have a family, and again, if so, how do they deal with you being gone so much? Is this your way of earning a living at this time?

Sorry for so many questions... I am from northern MN and was facinated that you were a forester who attended the U of M, as is my husband, Tim Capistrant, and then went on to be a smoke jumper, which he thought of doing, but we have seven children and it was not a good fit. He did serve 15 years in the guaards, though.

Christ's peace,

PS Any pictures available.

Buck said...

Hi Judy,

Actually I'm not a Catholic but Fr. Joe was kind enough to have me on his show. I'm a bachelor which makes being gone much easier. My friends and family know that my long trips are a part of who I am and they are very supportive. Buck Publishing, my business, is now mainly what I do for a living. Sounds like Tim and I have a lot in common. There are lots of photos of my various adventures on my website:

Have a good day!