Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two New Continental Divide Trail Pages

I've dedicated two new pages on my personal website to the CDT and my upcoming hike.

The first has maps and information, and the second is where I will post updates of my hike.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Continental Divide Trail

It's always fun to look ahead to new adventures. This summer I hope to hike the Continental Divide Trail starting on the Mexican border in New Mexico and roughly following the continental divide to the border of Canada, in Glacier National Park, Montana. Depending on the exact route taken, the hike, if completed, will likely be around 2,800 miles long.

They say the trail is about 70% completed, and there are many alternate routes to take. This appears to be a high snow year so I plan to be flexible. A likely scenario is hiking until I hit deep snow near the Colorado border, then "flipping" ahead to South Pass, Wyoming where I'll hike south to pick up the skipped section, which will hopefully be mostly melted off before I get to the deepest snows.

I've been rounding up maps, reading books, researching online and gathering gear. Currently I plan to start in late April, and if things go well and my creaky knees don't hurt too much, I'll likely finish in September or October.

On this trip I hope to update this site with current news and progress as I make town stops along the way, so I hope you'll check back often to read the latest news!