Sunday, December 04, 2016

3,323 Miles on the Lewis and Clark Trail

Paddling past the White Cliffs, upper Missouri River
This year, from March 24 thru September 14, I hiked and paddled the westbound route of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Physically, it was one of the most grueling expeditions I've ever tackled, but it was also one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures as well.

One of the best aspects of the journey was variety. For example, I hiked the first 800 miles of the journey, a route that included a pleasant springtime walk along the Katy Trail which parallels the Missouri. Next, I kayaked over 1,500 miles up the Missouri River, the most challenging part of the adventure, especially the days I was fighting both the wind and the current.

Lemhi Pass

From Three Forks, Montana, the head of the Missouri River, I began hiking again. It was thrill to reach Lemhi Pass on the Continental Divide in early August after 2,500 miles of travel. Eight years before I'd crossed this same pass while hiking the CDT.

I began kayaking again near Canoe Camp on the Clearwater River in Idaho. From there it was about 500 more miles down to the Pacific Ocean.

You can see an overview of my journey along with a route map and gear lists, here:

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