Friday, July 20, 2007

Alaska Fishing: The Goodnews River

Great fishing combined with a beautiful river, lots of animals and fishing with good guys made for an awesome trip. I've got many photos and a link to the video at this web page.


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I am looking at possibly floating the goodnews river next mid-July with three other friends of mine. I would like to go later, but scheduling will make it impossible. Two questions: 1) Do you think that the river will be holding enough fish at that time? We are split on those that want salmon and those that want 'bows/dollies. 2) Would the float video be worthwhile despite the different seasons?
    Thanks, Mike

  2. Hi Mike,

    I think you'll find plenty of fish in the river in mid July. I haven't fished the Goodnews that time of year, but as I understand it that's at the end of the King run and the beginning of the Chum run.

    I'm biased, of course, but I think the video will be worthwhile regardless what time of year you float just to give you an idea of the water, camping, and etc.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hey Anonymous, I have floated couple of the other rivers in SW Alaska, Togiak being one of them. Fishing is phenomenal that time of year. Despite the literature the runs vary greatly year to year. One year the river is full of kings the next chum or sockeyes. The runs also vary from when the fish supposedly show up. There are lots of kings left around in August just can't keep. Go to alaska, be prepared,have the trip of the lifetime and start figuring out when your are going back!! Vermonster..

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Hi Buck or anyone really,

    I would like to float the goodnews but am curious about when the best time would be in terms of water levels. I am a novice and even though I would prefer targeting kings, it all depends on what time of year the water is safest.
    Also, do you have the video on DVD? I just saw it on VHS at

  5. Although the water can be low at times, I've never heard of it being so low it was unfloatable. I suppose it might happen at times, though.

    Here's an excellent informational link on the Goodnews River by the : air taxi I flew with

    The video is only available on VHS at this time.

    Best of luck!