Monday, February 06, 2012

Upcoming Thru-Hike: The Desert Trail

This summer I will be attempting another long hike, this time along the Desert Trail. The Desert Trail starts on the Mexico/California border, and runs over 1,500 miles northward through Death Valley and then through western Nevada and into Oregon.

From the end of the designated trail I've laid out my own route through the Blue Mountains and eastern Washington, then along the Washington/Idaho border, finishing at the border of Canada for a total of about 2,500 miles.

This route will rely on many water and food caches, especially in the south. Along with long stretches of true desert there will be many miles of forested mountains and even a few walks through towns. The cactus photo was taken on the PCT near Scissors Crossing, just a few miles from the Desert Trail at that point.

You can find more information and a map on my website and follow my trail journal.