Monday, October 14, 2013

My Year so Far

It's been a good and relatively mellow year. It was a late, cold spring, a warm and beautiful summer, and an unusually colorful fall. Now the leaves are down and we are heading into winter in Fairbanks.

Recently I have been alternating "Big Adventure" years.
In 2006 I hiked and paddles across Alaska on my Brooks Range Traverse.
In 2008 I hiked the Continental Divide Trail,
In 2010 the big adventure was the Pacific Crest Trail,
And in 2012 I hiked the Desert Trail and canoed the Yellowstone River.

"Variety is the spice of life" as they say, and this was a year for smaller adventures. For two months in the spring I was back at the family farm making maple syrup. In late June my old smokejumper buddy Griff came up for a week-long fishing trip for char, rainbow and king salmon. I went sheep hunting in the Brooks Range in August.

Early in the year I completely revamped my website. It was a big project. Please have a look! I put together slideshows of each of the thru-hikes above which you can see at those links. This summer my nieces Angie and Jess were up for a week. We visited Denali, saw the Yukon River and drove up to the Arctic Circle.

My little cabin home saw some improvements, including a nice new window looking out into the birch and spruce, fresh paint and new flooring. Quality of life things that are satisfying to have done.

I recently got back to work on my book about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I write off and on but it's a project I will complete one day.

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Happy adventuring to everyone!

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