Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alaska Brooks Range Traverse DVD ready very soon!

Well, the DVD of my 1,000 mile solo trip across Alaska is all done and is currently being manufactured. It should be shipped out to me in a few days, and ready to ship to the public shortly thereafter.

You can see more about this trip, and/or pre-order your copy of the DVD in plenty of time for Christmas here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


joe said...

I can´t believe you actually did that. Trekking the wilderness of Alaska alone has been one of my dreams for so long. What was it like. What is the most distinct feeling that it left you with. What was most memorable about it.

Buck said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the comment. Making a long trek in Alaska is a dream for many of us and I feel very lucky to have had an opportunity like that.

It's hard to say what it was like in a few words. It was midnight sun, cold rivers, grizzlies, nameless mountains, rain, wolves, and wildflowers. But mostly it was wilderness, and that's probably the most distinct feeling it gave me.

Some of the most memorable moments for me were:

The tan wolf trotting down the gravel bar towards me,

Yelling at the big grizzly as he kept on coming,

The sleeping white wolf in the late evening sun,

Topping what was for me the most dramatic, dangerous, mountain pass in the western Brooks,

The howling wolf packs,

Building the raft and crossing the Alatna river with it,

The caribou plunging into the river and swimming past me as the black wolves chased it.

I'll never forget that summer, and for me there is no place on earth quite like the Brooks Range of Alaska.

Howie said...


What a great adventure! I followed you along by Melanies web comments, and thought of you often with envy. I can't wait to view the film!

Anonymous said...

WHat is the running time on your new video? I didn't see it anywhere on the website.

Buck said...

Hi Howie,

Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. I'm glad you followed along during the trip. I hope you like the DVD. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Buck said...

The running time of the DVD is about 90 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Feb 2008


I truly enjoyed your videos.

I would like to know if we can get a list of the food that you ate during your two alaska journeys.
You mentioned that you consumed about two pounds per day. I imagine that you must have burned up a lot of calories and lost some weight during these trips.

Thanks again for making these videos they were great.
Patrick CANADA

Buck said...
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Buck said...

Hi Patrick,

I'm glad you liked the videos.

You are right, I did lose weight during both of those trips. I was down maybe 10 pounds at the end of each. It is really hard to eat enough food when the calories are being burned so fast. On both trips I had more food available on the river part of the journey which made a big difference. Plus even the fish and berries, and on the first trip wild game, added significantly to my calorie intake.

For an idea of the foods I ate, I'm going to just cut and paste from my preparation list. This won't give you an idea of the proportion, but will give you an idea of the variety:

10 Grain Cereal
8-Grain Cereal
Beans, Dehydrated
Big Chocolate. Bars
Breakfast Bars
Carnation Instant Breakfast
Cheese, Gouda
Chicken Helper
Chicken, Canned
Chocolate, Bite-Size
Chow Mein Noodles
Coconut Powder
Cous Cous
Cracker/Cheese Snacks
Cranberries, Dried
Dried Cherries
Dried Pork
Dried Shrimp
Dried Veggies
Dry Fish
Dry Milk
Fruitflavor Drink
Garlic, Fried
Instant Potato Pouches
Just Veggies
Liptons: +- 5 oz. pouches of rice/pasta
Mac and Cheese
Mango, Dried
Marathon Bars
Nature Valley Bars
Nutri-Grain Bars
Nutter Butters
Olive Oil
Papaya, Dried
Pasta, Wheat
Peanut Butter
Pineapple, Dried
Potato Chips
Potatoes, Instant
Power Bars
Pudding, Sugar Free
Reese's Pieces
Rice, Brown, Instant
Ritz Crackers
Roasted Nuts
Salame, Dry
Salmon Pouch
Seafood Pouchs
Soup Pouches
Specialty Cheese
Tinned Meats
Tomatoes, Sun Dried
Turkey Jerky
Wheat Thins


Cybri12 said...

I received your video this afternoon and just finished watching it. Amazing. For a one man video crew, you create great movies. I have this one and your 700 Mile Journey. I truly enjoy watching them.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful adventures with us. Your website is now in my favorites.

I find your gear review very useful. It is helping me decide on some new equipment I'm about to purchase. Thanks Again and keep the adventures coming (easy for me to say I know). Cheers


Buck said...

Hi Brian,

I'm glad you have enjoyed the videos and found the gear reviews useful. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment.

Best of luck with your own adventures!


Mark H said...

I'm planning a 2 week hunting trip for the first time this year so I thought I would check out your video. What an incredible video! You made it look easy. I just ordered 700 Miles Alone. Keep up the great work.

Buck said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks. I appreciate that. Good luck on your hunt!