Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pacific Crest Trail: California Completed!

I just got back to Kennedy Meadows, meaning California is all done. In a little bit I'm going to hitch down to Highway 395 and then towards Ashland, Oregon. I'm still on schedule but have to average about 20 miles per day to finish in September, before the snows of October. I've hiked something like 1,736 miles, with over 900 to go.

The last four days I've hiked about 104 miles, and that includes high passes like Forester, over 13,000 feet, and a climb of Mt. Whitney, about 14,496 feet. The "High Sierra" was rugged, steep, and was my longest stretch without resupply. It was also spectacular in beauty.

Have a good day!

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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear you had a good hike through the Sierras! Milk Sheikh and I hope to see you again before we hit the Canadian border. We should hit Crater Lake on the morning of the 11th and will continue on to Elk Lake from there, where we'll likely take a zero.

    Hope to run into you somewhere in OR. Judging by your speed, I'm sure we'll see you soon. Congrats on finishing CA and safe hiking!