Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old Station, California; Pacfic Crest Trail.

I've updated my website along with some photos. One thousand miles down, sixteen hundred more to go!


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Well I've been wrestling with the conditions and the few reports I've seen have not been great. I'm thinking of starting at Boreal TH near Truckee going north through Sierraville. Thought we would cross each other as I'm going to the Gold Lake area. If I had more time on my hands it wouldn't be an issue but I don't feel like I'm prepared to be worrying about losing the trail or taking alternate routes. Eagerly awaiting your snow report. I figured you'd hit Belden either tonight or tomorrow (Wed) depending on conditions and if you went into Chester.

  2. BrakeReamer,
    Sorry for the long delay in answering, but I've been out on the trail. Still plenty of snow out there! I'm at Donner's Pass now and yesterday walked on about ten miles of snow. There was a pretty good stretch of no snow south of Belden. All over it's getting better all the time but it is a very snowy year in stretches even now.